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Steve, I am very pleased to tell you I completed the cycling challenge.  I think we did nearer 320 miles in the end.  It was blooming hard but a great experience.  I thank you wholeheartedly for your help which gave me great reassurance. The anchor technique you taught me was invaluable and at my lowest points, I was able to reflect using this method to spur me on. The positivity you instilled in me following our chat is something I hope to use in all aspects of my life going forward.

Cyclist - Bristol to Bordeaux challenge - July 2018

As a parent of a 14 year old boy whose cricket talent is sometimes hampered by a lack of self belief and focus, I wish to fully endorse Steve and his methods for bringing the best out of this individual and the manner in which he has helped him meet the challenges he faces in all aspects of his life.

Steve’s approach engaged my boy from the outset and helped him re-evaluate the way he viewed situations (cricketing or otherwise). He gave him new self-confidence and the results have been almost instantaneous and certainly tangible.

I strongly recommend Steve and his Personal Resilience Coaching methods.


Parent of 14 year old

I’ve never really felt that I had confidence in certain aspects of my life, whether this had stemmed from childhood or just experiences that have shaped who I am. It always bothered me and I felt that not having confidence and self-belief always held me back. In a work capacity, this presented itself as not being vocal in meetings, not feeling I could have my say or put forward my ideas or thoughts,  avoiding senior people for fear of sounding silly etc.

When I met Steve I told him about how I felt and he started to work with me to change the way I see myself and start to build confidence in my own ability. He used coaching as a way to get me to address these perceptions that I had about myself. I am the kind of person who is sceptical about this kind of stuff and so decided to just give it a try and be open-minded. Steve was fantastic in the techniques and language that he used, I could really relate to it as it was tailored to me. I always felt at ease, never uncomfortable to talk about what I needed help with and most of all I had confidence in Steve’s ability.

I have no doubt that I am a more confident person as a result of Steve’s coaching. I now feel that I can fulfil my potential and have already seen results from the coaching in my day to day life. I would highly recommend working with Steve to address any aspects of your working life that you feel you need support with.


Steve is an inspirational and true leader of people who in my opinion is a breath of fresh air to work with. Supportive and full of encouragement at all times and has truly allowed me to flourish as an individual and given me the opportunity to express my skills in our fast-paced and challenging industry.

Always on hand to offer help and support, but also skilfully taking me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to grow. This gentleman will impress and influence all he works with.


Sales Training Manager

Steve has been brilliant in helping me overcome frustrating periods as a cricketer and go on to perform really well under pressure. His knowledge and passion around high performance coaching and NLP is up there with the very best and it certainly feels like I have an edge over all my competitors.

Through working together both face to face and online I’ve seen significant improvements in my ability to develop skills quickly, stay calm under pressure and ultimately enjoy playing the game I love.  Steve has become a great mentor for me and I can always rely on him to go above and beyond to help me in any way he can!


Australian State Cricketer

Steve, you have been a fantastic mentor at the times I needed the right guidance. Today WE completed the Exeter Half Marathon and you got me round! Today was a struggle for me and I know I ran better last week, but YOU got me around when you could have been about an hour quicker. Respect and love to you my friend, I have lost 36Ibs on this journey and now need to lose another 28Ibs.


From zero to half marathon in 16 weeks

I’ve found working with Steve highly beneficial, not just for my cricket, but also for my general outlook on life. I’m living life more ‘at cause’ now and this has helped me change my approach and focus on the things that are important to me. He’s helped me change the way I perceive aspects of my life and sport and this has made me respond differently and more positively to situations that affected me negatively in the past. I’ve been introduced to tools and techniques that have helped me ‘be in the present moment’ more and these have given me the edge in matches and helped me combat some of my confidence and fear issues during games. I now feel that I have a much better chance of being more consistent on and off the field. Steve helped me develop my ability to do powerful mental rehearsal and this helps me sculpt my pre-match preparations and has helped me perform much more confidently in games. I would highly recommend Steve for any sports performer in any sport, who is looking to gain an edge in their competition.


Professional Sportsman

Steve and I worked together for nearly two years. Steve came on board to specifically build leadership capability across all levels within the company. Steve has a genuine passion for bringing the best out of any audience he is in working with, is a truly fantastic facilitator/coach and is a significant asset to any organisation wanting to drive performance through the demonstration of outstanding leadership – was a pleasure working with you Steve!


Professional Development Manager

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